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Our goal is to reunite companies, organizations, non-profits and individuals throughout the United States with as much money as possible using our service.

Cochran Investment Company, Inc. specializes in the identification, validation, and collection of unclaimed assets that are held by government entities.

Our firm maintains state of the art technology to properly house and organize our clients and potential clients’ information.

Our firm reviews public records on a daily basis in order to keep our data up to date.

Cochran Investment Company, Inc. will do all the research, complete all necessary claim and paperwork to submit to the government agency, obtain an attorney if necessary, and petition the court for the funds without any up-front costs to you.

There are No Up-front Costs to our clients.

Most clients are unaware that these monies exist.

Receive a letter from us?

Why you have been contacted

We have identified you as the rightful owner or heir to these funds (assets). Every year, millions of dollars are transferred to dozens of government agencies by corporations, banks, and employers are legally obligated to turn over abandoned, lost, or inactive accounts, many of which may include unpaid salary or wages, inactive checking and savings accounts, stocks, dividends, bonds, insurance premium, tax sale overages, and class action law suits. Due to limited resources, many of these government agencies are unable to locate owners and many accounts go unpaid.

How Cochran Investment Company, Inc. Gets Paid

We front all of the necessary costs to prove your claim. There is No Out-of-Pocket expense to you.

Cochran Investment Company, Inc. has a contingent service which means nothing is ever owned unless we are successful in having a refund or refund(s) released to you on your behalf.

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When my brothers and I were first contacted regarding some money that could be awarded to the family Trust, I was skeptical. After looking into this a little more, the Cochran Investment Company, Inc. needed just a few things from us to show documentation regarding the family Trust. A few months later we in fact received more than expected.

They made what could have been a very difficult process for us to collect those funds a very simple one. We were delighted to receive money that we did not know we had coming to us and we are thankful for their help. I highly recommend using Cochran Investment Company, Inc.


Judy P